Terms & Conditions


  1. Annual membership is £30
  1. Invoices will be issued annually with membership running from 1 April until 31 March the following year. Members will be invoiced in March for membership to commence 1 April for one full year. Members joining during the year will be invoiced on a pro rate basis.
  1. Members are required to provide a copy of current insurance certificate. Failure to provide insurance certificate will result in membership being suspended until proof of insurance is provided.
  1. Membership entitles you to have your business details included on the new Telford Therapists website and Facebook page.
  1. Members are required to display the new Telford Therapists logo on their website which links to the Telford Therapists website. The new logo will be sent to you via email once payment has been received.
  1. Telford Therapist Website. This is available as a directory of local therapists and professional service providers, e.g. counselling/life coaching, etc., available in Telford and Wrekin and surrounding areas.  The website will be managed by the administration team.  If you have any queries or need any amendments to your details please email enquiries@telfordtherapists.co.uk .
  1. Telford Therapists Facebook page. All members are encouraged to post to the Facebook page; however to ensure that the facebook page is managed and to allow all members equal access:
  1. Posts per day are limited are limited to one post per person
  2. Posts per person are limited to max three posts per week
  3. All posts should be kept short and include a link to your website or business Facebook page for more information on services, events or workshops. This will also make it easier for potential clients, colleagues etc. to find out more about you and your business.
  4. Only posts promoting members, therapies or businesses who are members of the Telford Therapists are to be posted on the Facebook page.
  5. The Telford Therapists committee reserves the right to ask that posts not adhering to the above points are amended in line with the terms of reference, and to remove any posts advertising or promoting therapists or businesses that are not members.
  1. Telford Therapists PRIVATE Facebook page. You are encouraged to keep in touch with each other using this page.  It has proven very useful in the past when sending out warnings, asking questions and offering advice and support.  It is also a good way of letting members know if you have something new on offer, events you have coming up or any that you are aware of that colleagues may wish to attend etc.
  1. Telford Therapists Network Mornings. These will be held bi-monthly at the Gorge Therapy & Training Centre, Jackfield.  The aim is to remind ourselves that we also need to take time out by:
  1. Encouraging therapy swaps
  2. Trying out new ideas
  3. Sharing knowledge
  4. Getting to know each other and what we do – we are more than just therapists
  5. Allowing these network mornings to evolve – everyone is encouraged to put forward ideas for these sessions
  6. Most of all, having fun!

It is hoped that many of you will come along to these mornings in the spirit of which they are intended and to support the ethos of the network.

These T&C’s will be reviewed on a regular basis and amended accordingly in line with the evolvement of the directory/network.